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My name is Dr. Reza Ghotbi, I am a specialist for general, visceral, and vascular surgery, and a certified endovascular specialist (DGG – German Society for Vascular Surgery).

Here you can find details on my extensive medical experience, professional career, specialist qualifications, consultation hours, and contact details.

Unterschrift | Dr. Reza Ghotbi
Chief Physician
Vascular Surgery

Specialization Specialization as a general, visceral, and vascular surgeon, and a certified endovascular specialist (DGG).

Professional Positions

  • Medical Director at Helios Hospital Munich West
  • Chief Physician at the Department of Vascular Surgery at Helios Hospital Munich West
  • Chief Physician at the Department of Vascular Surgery at Helios Amper Hospital Dachau
  • Chief Physician at the Department of Vascular Surgery Helios Hospital Perlach
  • Head at the Aorta Center South
  • Lecturer at the Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich (LMU), cooperation with the Technical University of Munich (TUM).

Other Active for many years for the DGG and Bavarian Medical Association (BLÄK) providing training for vascular surgery and participating in research projects relating to modern vascular imaging.

Vascular Surgery is Specialist Center Surgery

Narrowing (stenosis) of the carotid artery can trigger a stroke due to reduced blood flow to the brain. This is the cause of approximately 20% of strokes, most without previous symptoms. The surgical treatment of a narrowed carotid artery (carotid stenosis) using only local anesthesia is beneficial for the patient while also enabling the surgeon to rapidly identify complications. We have performed over 3000 operations of this kind at Helios Hospital Munich West.

Aortic surgery places great demands on the institution and the performing surgeon. It is scientifically proven that specialist centers and surgeons that have carried out a large number of these interventions have significantly fewer complications.
We treat over 150 cases annually with a wide range of aortic pathologies.

This gentle procedure was first described in 1992.
The first implantation was carried out at the Helios Hospital Munich West in 1998. The first hybrid operating room with state-of-the-art technology was established in Munich in 2012. More than 700 EVAR procedures have been successfully performed over the last 10 years at our hospital. Since 2017, the hospital has acted supra-regionally as the Helios Aorta Center South and cooperates with 20 hospitals throughout the states of Bavaria and Baden-Württemberg.

Every year, we treatment approx. 1000 patients suffering from vascular occlusion in the legs, which can limit the distance a person is able to walk and cause the development of chronic wounds or lead to amputation. Open bypass surgery is an excellent and well-proven procedure; however, it can place significant strain on elderly patients. Therefore, we are actively participating in innovations in this field.

All modern diagnostic and surgical procedures for the treatment of arterial and venous vessels, including:

Abdominal aortic aneurysms are treated using either open surgical techniques with vascular prostheses or minimally invasive techniques (stent implantation).

Tears or ruptures of the aorta are treated using open or endovascular techniques, as well as minimally invasive techniques without incisions or opening of the abdominal cavity.

As prophylactic measures to prevent stroke, the indications and treatment of carotid artery stenosis play a major role: We offer diagnosis and treatment of carotid stenosis with endovascular stent implantation, i.e., by dilating the narrowed segment using a balloon catheter and subsequent stent implantation (a metal tube to support the vascular wall) or using surgical removal of the affected segment.

Circulatory disorders affecting the legs lead to intermittent claudication, known by specialists as peripheral arterial occlusive disease (PAOD). This causes pain when walking or even when resting. The vascular surgical intervention uses angioplasty to widen the affected vessel then gently dilates it further using a balloon catheter, thereby eliminating the stenosis (narrowing of the blood vessel). If necessary, a stent (vascular wall support) can be implanted or, for long segmental occlusions, a bypass operation under general anesthetic may be necessary.

In the treatment of diabetic foot syndrome, both conservative (medication, infusions, and wound care) and surgical measures (cleaning, exposure, reconstruction of the blocked blood vessel) are used.

At the certified wound center at Helios Hospital Munich West, state-of-the-art measures for the treatment of chronic wounds are applied, and holistic and individually tailored therapeutic concepts are provided: Surgical and interventional revascularization, ultrasound-assisted wound cleaning, skin grafts (Meshgraft), vacuum therapy, maggot therapy, and consultation for patients and their relatives.

We treat this chronic arterial condition using medication-based therapy and surgical interventions for more advanced cases. This includes balloon dilation of the narrowed segment, minimally invasive stent implantation, vascular bypass, and carotid surgery.

We offer various surgical techniques to treat advanced cases of varicose veins: Sclerotherapy, endoscopic procedures (ESD), and classic surgical techniques (stripping).

Diagnosis (ultrasound) and drug-based and surgical treatments.

Diagnosis and surgical elimination of the bottleneck using individually tailored procedures.

We offer the full spectrum of shunt procedures: Operative connection of arteries and superficial veins or insertion of a plastic shunt.

Surgical elimination of the vascular narrowing, i.e., via stent placement.


Vascular diagnostics are an important part of therapeutic planning. Using highly sensitive ultrasound, we are now able to effectively diagnose the majority of vascular disorders without the need for radiation or contrast agent.

  • Vascular ultrasound
  • Doppler ultrasound
  • Pulse examinations
  • Oscillography
  • Dynamic venous examinations
Private vascular surgery practice

Consultation hours:

Monday and Thursday: 12.30 – 3.30 pm

Vascular practice:
Daily 9 am – 1 pm

You can schedule your appointment by calling our front
office or online via the Helios Patient Portal. Helios Patient Portal

Fax: 089 / 88 92 - 29 58


Consultation hours:

Vascular surgery front desk

Fax: 0 81 31 / 76 - 47 02


Chief Physician at the Department of Vascular Surgery at Helios Hospital Munich West (since 2005)
Chief Physician at the Department of Vascular Surgery at Helios Amper Hospital Dachau (since 2010)
Chief Physician at the Department of Vascular Surgery at Helios Hospital Perlach (since 2016)
Head of the Aorta Center South (since 2017)
Medical Director of Helios Hospital Munich West (since 2019)

2018 - 2019

Medical Director of Helios Hospital Munich West

2016 - 2018

Chief Physician at Murnau Hospital

1998 – 2004

Head of the Vascular Surgery Division

1989 – 1998

Professional experience at Munich-Großhadern Hospital, Bonn University Hospital, Mutterhaus der Borromäerinnen Hospital in Trier, Oncology Center for the State of Rhineland-Palatinate, and University Hospital Göttingen.


Awarded doctorate


License to practice medicine

1981 – 1988

Medical Studies
Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich (LMU)






  • Active for many years for the DGG and Bavarian Medical Association (BLÄK) providing training for vascular surgery and participating in research projects relating to modern vascular imaging.
  • Lecturer at LMU in Munich, cooperation with the TUM
  • Reviewer for Journal of Vascular Surgery
  • Reviewer for Medical Image Computing and Computer Assisted Intervention
  • Reviewer for “Der Gefäßchirurg”
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Certification of the Vascular Center Munich West
The Vascular Center in Munich-Pasing is one of only two certified institutions in Munich.
Being a certified vascular center means that the Department of Vascular Surgery takes
part in the nationwide quality control monitoring carried out by the German Society for
Vascular Surgery and Vascular Medicine (DGG).

Zertifikat Endovaskulären Chirurg | Dr. Reza Ghotbi

Certification as Endovascular Surgeon/Specialist from the DGG
Proven wide-ranging endovascular further training and an additional qualification for the independent execution of complex endovascular procedures.

FOCUS Magazine Top Physician List
Physician List: Top physician for vascular surgery since 2016
Focus Hospital List: Top national hospital in the field of vascular surgery since 2018

Member of PRIMO MEDICO, a network of medical specialists in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland, recipient of the vascular surgery award.

Zertifikat Marquis Who's Who | Dr. Reza Ghotbi

Marquis Who‘s Who
Listed in the American Who’s Who as a “noteworthy surgeon, researcher”.

Leading Medicine Guide
Listed in Leading Medicine Guide, a physician and hospital portal for special hospital and medical experts. The portal only lists renowned experts who meet strict inclusion criteria.

  • German Society for Vascular Surgery and Vascular Medicine DGG
  • German Society for Surgery DGC
  • German Association of Surgeons BDC
  • German Society of Ultrasound in Medicine DEGUM

Personal Information
I was born in 1962 in Tehran, Iran, and came to Munich in 1981 to study medicine, where I have lived happily for many years after gaining professional experience in Bonn, Trier, Göttingen and abroad.

Painting and art

“Neither the work of art is important, nor its frozen countenance, but rather the formation process, which releases spiritual and intellectual activity”.
Tadeusz Kantor

“In this sense, I find surgery to be a school where empathy, innovation, creativity and esthetic come together”.
Dr. Reza Ghotbi


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Report on the 20th anniversary of the Helios Hospital Munich West
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PRIMO MEDICO Certificate presentation to Dr. med. Reza Ghotbi
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„Between space and time“
Dr. Reza Ghotbi (speaking Persian) recites Persian lyrics over improvised European music, with Ulrike Kriener (speaking German)
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BR Rundschau (News Program)
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Krampfadern - Mehr als ein kosmetisches Problem | Dr. Reza Ghotbi


Krampfadern - Mehr als ein kosmetisches Problem
Aortenaneurysmen – die leise Gefahr | Dr. Reza Ghotbi


Aortenaneurysmen – die leise Gefahr

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